He brought me up also out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings. Psalm 40:2 (KJV)

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Answered Prayers
& Praise Reports

Prayer Request: A co-worker requested prayer for his Aunt Linda's heart issue.

Praise Report: After her doctor's appointment, the test came back great! She didn't need a stent put in!

Prayer Request: Pray that Ms. Vickie finds gainful employment.
Praise Report: She has a job!


Prayer Request: Protection for Trae who is in the Navy and overseas. And for his wife and 4 children who are away from family.

Praise Report: Trae made it home safely to his family!

Prayer Request: Willie Mae suffered a burn on her foot. Pray against infection, nerve, and skin damage.
Praise Report: Her foot is feeling better and totally healed with no damage or infection!

Prayer Request: Pray against defunding the police. 
Praise Report: Police are still being funded!

Prayer Request: Pray for Jenica was in a horrible car accident and sent to ICU.

Praise Report: She has been released from ICU, doing a lot better, and is starting rehab soon! 

Prayer Request: Pray for Leslie who is dealing with Covid-19. 

Praise Report: She is feeling a lot better and getting stronger every day!

Prayer Request: Apostle and Pastor Cook ask for prayers for safe travels to and from Florida. 
Praise Report: They made it to Florida and returned home safely!

Prayer Request: Rebecca's cousin was in a horrible car accident.

Praise Report: She is doing a lot better since the accident!

Prayer Request: Pray against Mr. Hall's nieces and nephews contracting Covid-19. 

Praise Report: They do not have Covide 19!

Prayer Request: Pray for Sammy Foster and family who lost their mother.
Praise Report: They are doing better since their loss!

Prayer Request: Pray that Jimmy Starks doest contract Covid-19.

Praise Report: He has not contracted Covid-19!